I am completely geeking out about going to Shutterfest in less than a week in St. Louis, MO. Shutterfest is a hands on photography conference hosted by THE Sal Cincotta. It's an opportunity for EVERYTHING. Develop my shooting skills, get pushed out of my box, meet and network with people. I even get a chance to get in front of the camera! Which is scary.

I am completely packed. A little too packed. To the point to where I realized I had packed stuff that I still needed to use every day until I leave and unpacked just a little. I have gone down the list of EVERYTHING that I would need because time and time again, I forget SOMETHING. This time I am hoping to over pack a little bit. I even thought through what kind of snacks I would need to carry with me in case I am too busy to stop and eat. Which is hilarious because usually there is no such thing- except maybe this week!

I am also nervous because I am yet again rooming with people I met through the forum and I just hope that I don't come across as so excited and nervous that I have NO idea what I'm doing.

Wish me luck! I won't be posting on the blog for the next week but I'll probably go crazy on Instagram! Follow me @rachelannphoto!


Rachel McDowell

Hi! My name is Rachel (Snyder) McDowell and I am a Grand Rapids, MI based wedding and portrait photographer. I love all things animals, reading, ballroom dancing (though I never leave out just a good 'ol get down and boogy). I can't wait to talk to you about your vision for your wedding! Photographer. Scared to blog. Ballroom dance instructor with stage fright. Grew up as a missionary kid in Haiti and dreams to someday live on a boat.