What Do You Want?

I need to start with a disclaimer, I completely highjacked this title and this post (reenforces my post about being a copy cat...so at least I'm consistent).

I stumbled upon this writer named Andy Bondurant, and he has a great article titled, "What Do You Want?" Simple, yet profound. Once you decide what you want, then the why and the how follow. This is not to say that figuring out what you want should be easy. You might need to ask yourself that question often, spending time to figure that out. Not what do you want to be when you grow up, that can easily change. But what do you want for this life? For me personally, my quest has been to become closer in my relationship with God and by being in step with him, figuring out what I want is easier.

So then...WHAT DO I WANT?

In this I completely copy Andy's answer. And not because I because I couldn't come up with my own thing, or a way to reword it. He said it in the simplest way possible.

I want to create with PURPOSE.

There. I changed it by capitalizing purpose. Now my version has more gusto. A good copycat knows how to take someone's work and make it better. KIDDING. But seriously. Creating with purpose gives meaning behind what I am doing. Now I am not just teaching another box step or taking another picture. And what I want corresponds with my 'big why'. Why I do what I do. 

I BELIEVE that dancing can inspire confidence and change in a person's life.

I BELIEVE that a photograph can reveal the beauty in someone and capture their spirit and touch the lives of those viewing it.

I BELIEVE that having a person to believe in you and invest in you can mean the difference between success and failure.

So how do I do it?  

I dance, I photograph, and I teach it.

Through my photography and my dancing I want to create an experience, build relationships, I want to inspire confidence and change, and someday, I want to work with people who have the same dream.


Rachel McDowell

Hi! My name is Rachel (Snyder) McDowell and I am a Grand Rapids, MI based wedding and portrait photographer. I love all things animals, reading, ballroom dancing (though I never leave out just a good 'ol get down and boogy). I can't wait to talk to you about your vision for your wedding! Photographer. Scared to blog. Ballroom dance instructor with stage fright. Grew up as a missionary kid in Haiti and dreams to someday live on a boat.