Here Goes Nuthin'

I probably wrote this post too many times. I read it and reread it too many times. I thought it was perfect then thought it was juvenile. I felt like I should have been at a typewriter ripping paper out, balling it up and throwing it over my shoulder to join the ever growing pile of scrunched up paper.

Truth be told I have always have been afraid of what other people think. To believe that I am good and even have the potential to be great at what I do only to have others think and feel otherwise scares me to death and makes me want to run for cover like a cat when you turn on the vacuum (or me when someone is hot on my heels with a grocery cart). This is a thought that never occurs to some people, they have so much confidence in themselves it doesn't allow any thought of anything else to slow them down. It's that reason exactly that I've waited so long to post this blog... the thought that someone will inevitably read this and think, "Oh that poor girl thinks she can write." ...Then not too long ago I decided that if I waited to be the best photographer and the best blog writer that I will have missed my chance. Part of what helped me get to this realization is when I became a ballroom dance instructor for Arthur Murray. No previous dance training whatsoever, I had always made straight for the dark corners if I was dragged to a party (though the neighbors who could see through our living rooms windows can attest to my mad skills) and I began shaping into both a dancer and instructor. At one point I realized I really wanted to compete for a few reasons: 1) I knew it would make me better faster, 2) I love the intense process of learning and 3) I actually believed I had the potential to be a great dancer. And although my arm styling has been the subject of mockery, my intense desire to become better overcomes my fear of still looking like something between a T-Rex (the arm styling I was referring to..) and a chimpanzee hulking it's way down the floor wearing lip stick, sequins and high heels amidst beautiful dancers floating (and trying hard to stay out of my way) all around me-because I know it will get better.

So there you have it. I am a ballroom dancing Grand Rapids based wedding photographer that each time cannot WAIT to be apart of the biggest day of a bride and groom's life. It's such and exciting time of life filled with love and happy tears. Tears that cloud my viewfinder more than I care to admit. I love people and emotions and am incredibly honored every time I am chosen to document the most important day and decision 0f two people's lives.

So I am hitting my "here goes nuthin'" button. Please check out my work on my website and drop me an email because I cannot WAIT to get started on planning your vision for that day you've dreamed of for so long!

    Here is a shot of Mr. Perez and me dancing a waltz for an exhibition. Photo was taken by a student- Ms. Flynn. Looking up was added to the list right under arm styling :)


Here is a shot of Mr. Perez and me dancing a waltz for an exhibition. Photo was taken by a student- Ms. Flynn. Looking up was added to the list right under arm styling :)


Rachel McDowell

Hi! My name is Rachel (Snyder) McDowell and I am a Grand Rapids, MI based wedding and portrait photographer. I love all things animals, reading, ballroom dancing (though I never leave out just a good 'ol get down and boogy). I can't wait to talk to you about your vision for your wedding! Photographer. Scared to blog. Ballroom dance instructor with stage fright. Grew up as a missionary kid in Haiti and dreams to someday live on a boat.