When I started in the two biggest passions of my life- photography and ballroom dancing- I started down a road that wasn't my original intention but has only made it all that much sweeter. And it's people. I didn't learn that until years after when I got my first job as a ballroom dance instructor at Arthur Murray.

"This is not a dance business. It's a people business."-Maggie Spearin (A.K.A Ms. Maxwell)

Those words have changed my life. I went to Arthur Murray to become a dancer and came out a teacher. It changed me as a photographer. I had grown stagnant in my photography until I realized what was missing. The relationship with people. The experience and reward I receive from providing the best experience possible for someone else.

I don't want to just provide you with a set of amazing pictures and albums. Instead, every time you open that album I want you to be flooded with the memories of your beautiful day, I want you to tear up like you did looking at the photograph of grandpa reading the family prayer and cherish that memory because he's no longer here and you miss him like crazy. I want to leave you with a legacy that your children and grandchildren will have long after you are gone. 

So don't wait. Go to that contact page and drop me a line. I can't wait to get started!